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Disjuntion Pulse Bug

Lord Darkain


I have now run into Disjunction Pulse twice now. The card reads "If you do not defeat the Disjunction Pulse by at least 3, each character at the location must recharge each card that has the Magic trait in her hand." Both times I have defeated the card by more than 3, the second time I rolled 20 on the check of 15, the first I did not record but I defeated the check by even more than the 3 required. Both times the game required me to recharge all the Magic cards in my hand anyway. Please fix this buggy card!

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Its a previously reported issue - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94940-disjunction-pulse-bug/


As Hannibal_PJV says the best ways to get it seen by obsidian is the support email or going to the website and using the form.

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