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1st Exposure to Deadfire: Turn-Based

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In the next day or so, I will make my first trip to Ukaizo. Previously I had just made it out of Port Maje before character creation called to me. I wanted to share my experience as a new comer with fresh eyes.




Difficulty:  Path of The Damned, No Level Scaling



Main Character

I played a Male Dwarf Debonaire/Tactician for my Watcher. It's been an adventure. My party has rotated like a merry-go-round, with nearly every named Party Member spending sometime with me - with the exception of Mirke. Most of the characters were Dual-Classed. For Ukaizo I'll expect to bring Maia, Fish-Guy, Eder, and Xoti.



Baby's 1st Steps -Port Maje and Deadlight

So...there's no Kith to fight. I'm playing a pirate game and getting my butt handed to me by wild animals, zombies (vessels, oops!) and a random steam punk robot. My Debonaire's Charming ways did not see much use. I played very passively- playing up my character's winning ways and avoiding combat for the most part.


Learning to Walk -  Neketaka and Beyond

It felt like most of the zones I visited had 1 very large combat. I felt like it wasn't uncommon to fight every enemy in an area in a single fight, and then go explore. Magran's Teeth sticks in my mind. In addition, Somewhere along the line I really felt the need for spell casters and AOE. Whether due to sub-optimal builds, equipment, or something else, combat feels long.  To be fair, I'm playing on the highest difficulty, but I felt like both sides of the conflict were trying to kill each other with wet noodles. This gradually went away as I hit higher levels, until somewhere around Level 10-13, THINGS began to happen.

  • Auto Attacks and melee felt really slow. Maybe I just don't understand how to optimize damage. Combats felt really long.
  • There are a dearth of kith in the Deadfire. Debonaire's Charm got very little use. I discover that many things with faces that talk, are not in fact people.... I mean Kith. Some surprises for me: Not-Murlocs, Naga, and Spider-Faces are apparently not Kith. As I Debonaire, I feel decidedly un-charming. The power-gamer in me wants to lobby for these under-privileged foes dying on the edge of my blade. They deserve to be called kith too!

End-Game- Bulking Up

I started to pick up on or acquire some fun combinations. Serafen's 'Grenade Launchers' are a bunch of fun, but the real heroes are Xoti and Fish-Guy. Fish Guy in particular, with Relentless Storm is stupid good. At level 14, I have dubbed him 'Storm Fish'.  Stunning every enemy, every round for 2-4 rounds is just ...dirty. On a side note, I love how the characters, freshly un-stunned, move at a low initiative the following round. Well done. 


I finally have a feel for how the game plays and I am looking forward to 'rolling' another character. It has been a blast.


I don't know how much my feedback on classes is worth- I just completed the game. I have included my feelings on each class anyway.


  • I like every ability in fighter. The class is just damn fun to play.



  •  Animal Companions look amazing.

  • Evasive Fire .... is weird. Spending all of my Bond rolling around the screen and firing off shots like a bullet-time action movie is awesome. It didn't feel TOO strong - I did alot of damage, but killing enemies takes a certain amount of precision or small numbers of enemies. Even so, after I've completed my bullet-time sequence,  having no abilities sucks. 

Chanter- I was surprised. Chanters are probably my favorite class. I had lots of fun 'writing' songs. Thanks for giving me a custom bard class to play.


Wizard- Feels great. I love Buffing/Debuffing.


Cipher- I can't say I care for them much right now. Maybe I'm just sore from Serafen turning my enemies invisible. They have almost entirely active abilities... and gaining focus seems slow. Grazing with a cipher feels awful.


Barbarian- A little slow to start, I  find I actually like them quite a bit. I love the numerous buffs they can apply to themselves, and they have an innate ability to get low-intitiative numbers.

  •  A little slow to start, I  find I actually like them quite a bit.

  •  I love the numerous buffs they can apply to themselves, and the ability to get low initiative is interesting.

  •  Crushing Blow the most disappointing Talent for me. Clearing my initiative (setting it to zero) for getting a Killing Blow seems TERRIBLE. Especially when you read about it on the web. My tears have been shed and my teeth have been gnashed. Onward.Barbarian- A little slow to start, I  find I actually like them quite a bit. I love the numerous buffs they can apply to themselves, and they have an innate ability to get low-intitiative numbers.

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Hey mzum!


Thank you for that amazing feedback!  I'll get it all together and put it into a report for the team to go over.  If you think of anything else, please feel free to continue posting about your experience so that the team can continue gathering more feedback.


Thanks again for taking the time to leave us feedback!

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