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Sworn enemy and hunters marked prey

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Do they stack? Have a paladin/ranger and I'm curious.

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What do you mean by "stacking"? 


Sworn Enemy gives you +20% additive bonus damage and Marked Prey gives you +10 accuracy. So they both will apply their effects no problem with a Paladin/Ranger. It's not really stacking though. More like complementing each other.


Maybe you read an old description where both had a dmg bonus as well as an accuracy bonuses?


That got "streamlined" pretty early after release or even in beta (can't remember). Because bonuses weren't stacking properly iirc. Or it was too good? Can't remember. So Obsidian went and turned one ability into "dmg only" and the other ability into "accuracy only".


Problem solved and abilites nerfed at the same time. ;) 

Edited by Boeroer, 14 February 2019 - 02:00 AM.

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