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[Bug] Can't control my characters in the Crucible fight vs. Golems



I made a similar post on Steam forums but want to duplicate it here just in case.


In the Survivor's questline where you have to fend off waves of golems in the "Animancer's folly" fight, as soon as the first wave is killed and the second one appears, none of my characters except the summoned creatures gain any turns during the combat - so all there's left to do is look as the golems decimate my entire party without having a chance to retaliate.


Only the creatures that I summoned beforehand, such as a Phantom, get a chance to take a turn - but none of my main characters.


Same thing happens in the other two Endurance trial that I tried, namely the skeleton and gul fights.

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Salutaitons SkyofSteel, 


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, I took a look at it and did find the error in question on my end. I'm sending this in for further investigation now.


Hope you are enjoying the Deadfire and Turn-Based mode.


- Chelsea

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