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"The Storms of Poko Kohara" inconsistency?

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Something has been bothering me about "The Storms of Poko Kohara" for some time. I ignored it during the beta, and didn't give it much though as I was blazing through it once the game released due to over exposure, but replaying now I see a fairly glaring plothole.

When nearing the end of the quest we learn that the Storms are caused by Anaharu, who after loosing (and dying?) doing the Trial of the Waves corrupted the adra pillar via which he was to travel to In-Between. The condensation of essence created unnatural storm around the island and Anaharu hoped that this will keep foreign powers away from Tikiwara. 


However, the rest of the narrative doesn't seem to align the death of Anaharu with the apperance of storms. We knew that the Trial of the Waves happened sometime during the visit of Valian explorers - Vektor mentions seeing Anaharu and Tikiwara chief leaving the village late at night and only chief returning. At the same time, the chief doesn't speak of storms as it is a new phenomenon - mentions they never sail near Poko Kohara for a reason etc. This journal also fits:

Storms should begin during the Valian visit or even after they have left. I would expect something more alligned with: Valians went there are unleashed something unnatural.

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I don't remember exactly what the chief says, but I don't think he means that the storms have constantly been raging for however long (unlike the storms in Ondra's Mortar, which seem to have been going since the Engwithans turned on the machines). I think he's claiming that the Huana know stories of past outbreaks-so they avoid the island out of caution (if the storms were constantly raging, why would they need to explain why to stay away?). But I'll have to pay attention next time I get to the quest.

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I am wrapping the quest. Actually, I don't think Anaharu is really the cause of the storms. While he claims it to be so, some of the dialogue suggests it is the Engwithian machinery which causes it and the recent souls (Anaharu and Valians) are only the most recent addition to the prison who didn't "rot" as of yet. The question is: What was this place built for? We know Huana were sacrificed to fill Adra with essence. Is the system here broken, or was it an early test for what became the storm inducing machine in Ukaizo?

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