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Bug - Player team not assigned initiative after enemies spawn

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I experienced this bug playing The Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC.

During the first Survivor arena battle where you fight multiple waves of Guls i ran into a bug when the final wave of Guls spawned - basically my team wasn't assigned initiative at all and the final wave of Guls simply took their turns over and over endlessly (i watched for 30min before i got bored of waiting)





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Thanks for your report! This will be fixed in v4.1.2.



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This bug also occurs during the animancer-survivor trial when the second wave of constructs spawn.



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It looks like it can happen randomly. I encountered it once in Ghul-survivor challenge, but reloading the save helped. Sadly, now I encounter it repeatedly during skeleton-survivor challenge (4 times in a row). Also, at one try, AI got stucked during its initiative, which made finishing the fight impossible.


Is there any ETA for update 4.1.2?

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