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[Bug] Can't turn in Fruitful Alliances



Being a murderous bastard, I slaughtered the Wahaki, took my reward from Master Kua for Tip of the Spear, then killed him too. I then sailed on to Magran's Teeth to complete He Waits in Fire before heading back to Neketaka. So now I'm at the decision point to pick a faction. But first I'm trying to clear out all my sidequests including Fruitful Alliance. It tells me to talk to the Queen about it but when I do, she instead wants to talk about joining her side. The first time I talk to her, I can decline, tell her I need more time to think about it though that gives me a hit to huana rep. If I then talk to her a second time, I can turn in Fruitful Alliances but in the same dialogue (with no chance to break or cancel in between) she says it's time to get rid of the trading companies (and amusingly says that the wahaki stand with us even though they're all dead) and gives me the quest to blow up the brass citadel. The only way to not lose Maia is to flatly reject her plan, which loses the Huana as a future possibility. If I don't have Maia in my party, there doesn't seem to be a way to refuse the quest at all, even saying I need time to think about still adds it to my questlog.


Now it might be logical (as much as I hate to apply logic to video games) that the queen wants to talk about the most important matter first but it's awfully annoying from a gameplay perspective that I can't complete the quest without closing off some other future possibility. Basically turning in Fruitful should be a separate dialogue from receiving Taking out the Traders with a break in between so you can do one without the other.


Savegame: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CVIezeg5Ik7qbbY4DAf32atWAx35fwbT/view?usp=sharing


PS: Can we increase the max size of attachments on the forums so we can attach savegames directly rather than having to save them somewhere else and link? 1MB isn't enough when saves are 5 or 6.

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Hello Arkteryx,


I'm sorry you've run into a quest blocker.  I'll put in a report with your save file for the team to investigate.  If the save state can't be fixed, it would be possible for the conversation to be had by opening her conversation tree with console commands if you'd like me to do that to clear out that quest in the Journal.  Just let me know if you'd like to me take that approach.


In terms of the size of the files on the forums, my primary recommendation until size can be increased is to email anything to me at support@obsidian.net with a link to the respective thread.  No need for uploads onto other servers and I check the support tickets before anything else in the day, so it'll get seen sooner.


Thank you for taking the time to report this to us and sorry for the inconvenience it has been causing.

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Thanks for looking into it. Don't worry about fixing my save game for me, I'm at max xp anyway, don't need it for anything. You may have noticed I put in a couple other bug reports recently (and have a few more things I'm trying to nail down before I submit). I'm just reporting to help improve the game, trying to prevent someone else from having a problem.

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