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Fast mode + turn Based leads to stuck characters out of combat


I first encountered this bug when walking downstairs in the Kraken's Eye after resolving the rent dispute. In that particular case, Eder was unaffected, but the rest of the party could not path to the door. Since I could get to the bar, I made an adventurer and that newly created character could also not path to the door.


I had to start over, as my auto-saves were all consumed by walking up/downstairs trying to see if that would clear the bug.


I reproduced it again in the first area when I re-started the game.


- Fast mode was still enabled during the first ship combat. (Potentially undesired functionality here as well)

- Started walking around on the beach after the shipwreck.

- My characters were unable to path to the area on the left side of the trees from the bridge out of the area.


This persists when saved, so if I generate the bug again, I will post a save game.

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Hello Zero,


I'm sorry about this pathing issue you've run into.  If you do end up with another reproduction case, I would love to get a save file from you so we can investigate this issue easier.  If needed you can find instructions on where to obtain your save files here.  If you could send it to me at support@obsidian.net, I would be greatly appreciative :)


Thank you Zero and sorry again for the inconvenience this is causing.

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