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City guards randomly decide to attack in Turn-Based Mode


Hi all,


During the Imp bounty fight in Neketaka in turn-based mode, at some point every single time the guards will randomly decide to see my group as hostile and start attacking. When it begins seems completely random, and I've confirmed I'm not doing anything to trigger this like hitting them with an AOE attack, etc.


I've found in googling that quite a few folks are having this issue, and not just with this fight, but with others in Neketaka. Pretty frustrating at the moment because it seems this will prevent at least a couple of quests from being completed.


Is this a known issue that is being worked on?


I've been really enjoying turn-based mode up to now (RTwP was never really my thing, although I pushed myself through it in PoE1 because I enjoyed the story), and this is my first playthrough of the game, so fingers crossed that this will get corrected soon.


Thanks for all you do!

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Hello Mundane,


I'm sorry about this bug with the guards becoming hostile.  This has been reported to us a few times fortunately so the investigation of this by the team is already underway.  If you happen to discover anything else about this, please continue to post about it here as I will be linking this thread to the bug report to be used as a reference for the team during their investigation.


Thanks again Mundane and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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