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Paladin - Sworn Enemy - free action multiple casts per turn feedback

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Playing as a Paladin, it feels a little OP to be able to cast Sworn Enemy/Brand Enemy/other upgraded version as a free action multiple times per turn, particularly at later levels. It doesn't feel like it's working in the spirit that it was intended. Limiting casts to once per turn, or a single cast until creature dies feels like a better option for me.


EDIT - I'm also going to throw in a suggestion to remove the circle of flames from above the marked enemies upon death. Would help to de-clutter things.  

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Hey Farleybear!


Thank you for the input about the Sworn Enemy tree of abilities!  I put a report in with this information for the team to take a look at.  If you have anything you'd like to add, feel free to add it here as I have linked this thread into the report so the team can use it as a reference.


Thanks again for the help!



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I definitely appreciate being able to use abilities instantly in TB mode but spamming the same ability over and over again (see also barbarian spirit tornado or ranger evasive roll) seems against the spirit of the rules. Would support limiting each ability to once per turn.

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