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[4.1.0] TFS - Tayn conversation has no dialogue option for A Shout in the Dark completion



Cannot complete the A Shout in the Dark quest because Tayn's dialogue has no option to inform him of the fact that my character used his scroll to free the prisoners.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue (specifically, how I encountered the issue):

1. Talk about the prisoners' problem with Tayn and receive his scroll.

2. Talk with Llengrath and receive the second scroll.

3. Defeat the Memory Hoarder, encounter the Apparatus, receive the egg from it.

4. Save Bekarna

5. Use Tayn's scroll with the Apparatus.

6. Complete the DLC's main quest by defeating the Oracle of Wael (I chose to let Wael's body die)

7. Go back to Tayn and trigger his DLC ending conversation.

8. Have another conversation with Tayn, all options will be greyed out and no new option to complete the quest will appear.


I will note that, in spite of this problem, I still received the correct ending slide for this quest solution.

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Hello ABearIsHere,


Thank you for posting on our Obsidian Forums with this issue with very specific steps, it makes it very easy for me to assign this to our QA team to investigate and get in front of a dev to look into :)





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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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