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Whispers Endless Paths on Shadowdancer

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So I know I'm late to the party, but have been playing Whispers of the Endless Paths on a  Shadowdancer (Hellwalker + Trickster).


On the one hand the base damage has been horrible.


On the other hand, once I upgraded it with Run Through I've had heaps of fun doing this:



Swift Furry

Enduring Dance



Cast defensive spells from trickster if needed, and then fight safely with your reach weapon while Dance charges up, or just drop some confuse/dazzling lights. Then shadow beyond and Run Through something in the backline. Sometimes you can hit multiple targets as well due to the arc from whispers. I've been able to one shot kill very reliably with this (make sure you have high perception/accuracy) since it tends to generate multiple hits from swift flurry. I haven't even gotten to heartbeat drumming yet.


My build is probably not optimal for damage (assassin will probably be more reliable and easier) but I like the flexibility of a trickster.



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