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Stunning Surge refunds wounds



So I was messing around with monks, a class I haven't used much in deadfire and noticed something strange. Stunning surge, the upgrade to stunning strike, was refunding not only mortification on a crit which it should but also giving me 2 wounds which it should not unless I'm very much mistaken. I had previously used the console to respec xoti which I know can sometimes lead to weird consequences, so trying to eliminate alternatives I started a new game, single class base monk. Got to the beach, used the console to give myself level 20. Leveling up I tried to avoid any passives that could possibly be giving wounds, no imagined pain, no parting sorrow, not even rooting pain or duality of mortal presence just in case they interacted somehow. Still getting wounds back from stunning strike.





Notice I have no active effects (the one icon is from combat focus giving me concentration), have nothing equipped, hitting with just fists here. Stunning surge crits and I get my mortification back (notice I still have 11, max) and I gain 2 wounds. I'm not getting wounds on any other crits and I don't get them if stunning surge doesn't crit.


This is all in v4.1.0.0023, not beta branch, with all dlcs installed.

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