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Unfounded Whispers About Kotor III

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So I know it's not entirely up to Obsidian to make it happen. But since I finished playing Kotor II, years ago, I've been aching for a new story driven Star Wars game of the same quality. The Mass Effect games were nice, but EA dropped the ball big time on them. And the Kotor MMORPG is... well let's just say it's not my cup of tea.

If there's any chance at all Obsidian could keep a new Kotor game in mind, man that would be absolutely fantastic :)

If anyone agrees let's hear about it. Maybe if we get enough whispers going we can convince someone high up to make it happen for real. A dreamers dream maybe, but one I'm holding out hope for.

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As much as I would love a Kotor III, I just don't see it happen. At least not in something that is comparable to a 10+ old format.


Despite your aversion towards the MMO, I would probably recommend trying it out. It's free to play and if you play the Jedi Knight story (solo, don't need to team up with people), it's more or less a continuation of the story.

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