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So why does Night Market Eder not like Xoti?

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This was jarring to me on my latest playthrough. He makes the same comment about 'not trusting anyone who worships Gods to that degree, esp Eothos' (ughhhh what!?!), and then slightly corrects himself.


So did he lose faith after Night Market or Obs simply using the same dialogue?


- your friendly Universalist

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Same dialogue, pretty much. I imagine an in-character reason would be that he's not willing to give Eothas the benefit of the doubt after how destructive his reappearance was, and he's wary of Xoti because he doesn't get how her faith in Gaun can persist in the face of what he's doing

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even as a night market member, eder is an eothasian who doesnt worship eothas. his faith is about his relationship to everything *other* than a singular deity. the deity himself is an impediment, if anything.


as a third generation godless catholic i sort of get where hes coming from. one of the things i like about poe is that one of the characters shares my uneasy, but not outright hostile, relationship with religion.


eder is as different to xoti as i am from the ultra-catholic members and assoicates of my family, and like eder i feel antipathy and sympathy for them in ever changing percentages.

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