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Characters getting hit by a spell when moving out of range


This has been present for as long as I remember, but I see it as a potentially annoying mechanic, especially in the turn-based mode.


During combat I targeted a Brine Imp with Jolting Touch when he was in the spot A. While the spell was being cast he teleported over to the spot B. Even though he move far out of range, the spell still reached him and killed him. It is quite disappointing that the only way to prevent the spell hitting is interupt. 


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It's a little odd.


Targeted projectile spells seems to strike unerringly once initially targeted, no matter how far away the enemy goes. The only thing that can prevent it is, as you say, either an interrupt, or the target becoming untargetable (invisible, shadowing beyond, smoke veil).


Non-projectile targeted spells do seem to respect range, so things like lay on hands, barring death's door, petrification, do actually miss with "(out of range)" if the target runs too far away. Mostly annoying for buffs because enemies tend not to move most of the time, but I might be running a character away while I'm desperately trying to hit them with a lay on hands.

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