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Hi all.


I have participated in the funding of the first game and got a copy via steam.


I really like RPG games and am more connected to Baldur's gate 2 and Pillars of eternity styles, as in an isometric view with a beautiful painting landscape, a group of adventurers and lots of text etc.


I would like to learn modding for such games, preferably using pillars of eternity system simply because it looks a bit better then the old infinity engine and has cool stuff like the "events".


My emphasize is on plot making, I don't really want to touch or change anything else, not the rules, not the models etc. I just want to create a new plot.


1. Is this something I can do with the available resources I have (an access to the 1st game via funding as said) or do I need to buy/download something else? 

2. Is there anywhere a guide for beginners for this? 

3. Should I start with the infinity engine instead?


Thank you :)





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That's not really something you can do with these games, sadly- the data you'd need to access to make a plot is in the engine and can't really be edited. I think the Infinity Engine games are a lot more moddable that way. Or possibly Neverwinter Nights


So the bottom line is to use infinity? Like I said I prefer the isometric view of BG2 or Pillars of Eternity. I dislike the Neverwinter engine ...

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