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In The Next POE (III): Would You Like To See The Remaining Godlike Revealed?

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That's not correct. For the Huana Ngati is a Trickster Goddess of the Sea. For the Dyrwoodans (where the ocean isn't such a bug part of everybody's life as it is in the Deadfire) Ondra is the Goddess of the Moon and the Tides, another aspect of her is Forgotten Things and so on. So it makes total sense that Godlikes from different regions look differently - based on the aspects that is worshipped dominantly. We don't know how embryos become Godlikes - if the beliefs of the biological parents matter or not, if the God decides consciously what their Godlikes look like or if that's also influenced by what aspect is strongest in that region...


And who says that the narrative designers have to share all their secrets with us? It's better if those get revealed piece by piece instead of just being able to read it somewhere an to think "aha, hm... coolcool.".

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If Ondra was a particularly frivolous God, the excuse could be 'Because she felt like it', and it'd be acceptable because it'd fit with a frivolous personality. But Ondra doesn't have any such personality, and as such that doesn't work in the slightest.


not that i think a justification is necessary, but tekehu keeps referring to ondra/ngati as his 'tricksome' mother and i think onekaza uses the same descriptor. the angler fish is notorious for luring prey into its gob with its light. and considering that shes the goddess of erasure, and the goddess of storms, i think duplicity and caprice are well within her wheelhouse. in the abbey of the fallen moon, her adherents are actively benighted before theyre drowned.


nature can be random, uncaring and destructive, beholden to nothing but its own whim. ondra represents that more than any other god in eora. definitely more so than galawain, who represents nature as a meritocracy of the fittest.


i really dont see a problem with having godlike variants, especially for a deity like ondra who claims both the moon and the sea as her symbols - which are naturally related due to the tides - why not have marine and moon godlike, it makes perfect sense.


symbolically its consistent, and the inconsistency of having divergent godlike forms is consistent with what we know of ondra. like, if ur gonna quibble about lore gremlins, this is close to the biggest non-starter u could choose.


if id query anything, it would be the death godlike. like, why tf do they look like they do. surely having concealed eyes should be a wael thing if anything. maybe the death godlike should have been born with two faces, empty eye sockets, and flanking immunity or something. i guess they came up with the initial design and thought it was cool and creepy enough to represent 'death' before the lore was fully fleshed out, which is fine. creative process often throws up stuff that doesnt always fit without a bit of grease. is the nature of the beast.


EDIT: ah, boeroer got the trickster thing in before me. proves how many times i got distracted by other things while tapping out a reply lol.

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