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Blood Storm Bug




i observed a bug with the blood storm ability. It seems that the remaining time is calculated again when an enemyis killed. This leads to some cases where Blood Storm actually shortens the duration!


I think something like this happens:

duration (calculated on actual stats) - elapsed time +3


So lets say infuse vital essence prolongs the duaration of blood storm  on my berserker warlock from 25 to 30 sec.

Then the following happens:

Cast Vital Essence --> Cast Blood Storm for 30 seconds ( vital essence is cancelled) - ->Kill an enemy with 20 seconds left --> Duration is set to 18 seconds (25-10+3)

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Hello Tomedro,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!  I put a report together and sent it to the QA and Systems Design teams to investigate.  If you happen to discover anything else about the duration of Blood Storm, please continue to post about it here as I linked this thread in the bug report to be used as a reference.


Thanks again for the help Tomedro!

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