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Some questions about the Azure Blade:


- Does the bonus accuracy when near 3 allies apply to both weapons when dual wielding, or only the Azure Blade itself?


- Do summons count toward the "3 nearby allies" requirement for the accuracy bonus?



Generally, do you guys think this is a good weapon to pair with Rust's poignard on a melee rogue type, or would Grave Calling be better in general?

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- Only the Azure Blade. But for me it's active all the time (had it on Edér recently). Doesn't seem to matter who's around. Even if Edér charged into mobs completely alone it's on.


- Yes. I think even the pets. But doesn't matter 'cause see above.


I exactly used it with Rust's. I think Azure Blade is an excellent weapon because permanent +15 ACC - come on. :) That's huge.


Whether another weapon like Grave Calling is better in tandem depends on build an enemy.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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