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Hello all,


I am planning my second playthrough of pillars deadfire. The first time I had the following party:


MC fate Testarossa druid/monk






My next playthrough I want to use other companions. Maybe an extra custom character. My question what kind of characters would supplement this team?


Ps I would like to have burn baby burn as Mc but I am worried that it will do friendly fire???








Tank Palagina

Dps Maia and Teheku

Healing Teheku




Palagina : sin tee youtube build paladin/fighter

Maia : not sure yet, sin tee youtube build rogue ranger or pure ranger build.

Teheku : sin tee youtube build disabler / summoner


That leaves the Mc and a fifth spot for custom.


Any tips?

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OK I decided to run burn baby burn as my main. Still looking for some advice for my fifth member. Any advice to round out my party?? Can be a custom build.

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Hey don’t sleep on my bOy Vatnir! He’s great with all three class combos available to him. I’d keep him single class for buffs and nukes.

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