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Full Achievements / Blessing of Berath Points File

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I was messing around with the Unity Console mod for Deadfire, (e.g. trying to break the game) and realized it has an "Unlock All Achievements" function. I've seen posts before about people wanting the global.achievements file so they can play through with as many Blessing of Berath points as they want, so I figured I would upload it here.


The file attached has maxed out points for Blessings of Berath. I tested it on a vanilla install to be sure, and it seems to work. Hopefully its helpful to someone.


It goes in: C:\Users\<your name>\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II\Achievements


*Edit: apparently forum doesn't like me attaching .achievement files, so heres a link to my google drive:



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15 hours ago, WesSoto said:

What are those 3 achievements? Because I don't recall the latest patch adding any more, so just to confirm do you mean for the forgotten sanctum? I thought maybe Obsidian added an "Ultimate" achievement because of that new God Challenge...yet from what I read nothing like that has been added. So again what are those 3 you're talking about? I'm curious. ❤️



This old one? i just playing the game again recently 😂

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