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Need to fix an AI problem

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I have a Spellblade (wizard/rogue) and the AI is set for the wizard half to be aggressive and the rogue half to be cautious. I set it this way so he would use his spellbook, but he always attacks with his weapons never the spellbook. Do I need to set something else to get him to fight with the spellbook. Do I need to arm him with a wand for instance?




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Well, the autoattack is done with a weapon a character is holding. If the weapon he is holding is a melee weapon he will run up to enemy and mack them in a face. Give him ranged weapon if you want him to keep a distance.

I don't use AI much at all, but I don't think it's possible to two AI behaviours to one character. He is either aggressive (seeks targets out) or cautious (fights back).if you created two presets you will use one at a time.

There is not such thing as "spellbook autoattack" though character can be scripted to use his abilities (in this case cast spells). You can fine tune when you want the abilities to be used by editing each ability in AI editor. I imagine it is possible to program a character to cast spells non stop before using melee attacks but it will take some tinkering.

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would spellblade be better off buffing self into deity then flanking to clean up with rogue abilities after engagement has settled? If so setting a load of buffs to 'always true' but with long cooldowns before recasting might be the way to go.

Ud have to micro a bit to ensure relevant conditions for rogue abilities to pop but thats always likely to be case unless u got something like cipher set to spam phantom foes on cooldown.

Like ive never really mucked about with spellblade but it works for battlemage. Not really up on spellcasting/sneak attack/backstab synergy. When i use ydwin i prefer to keep her at range and use spells for cc and (de)buffs. Less stressful. Im too slow and lazy to micro something as high risk/reward as a melee mindstalker.

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