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Seeds of Deception: Started today, still bugged.



Per topic title, I have been playing through the Forgotten Sanctum over the last few days & just started the Seeds of Deception a few hours ago, but upon killing the Oracle had the same issue that has been reported elsewhere: Llengrath immediately walked away & I had no option to finish the quest with her. 


My steam settings are currently set to update to the Beta patch for POE2, not sure if that could be related or not. 


My game is also heavily modded, but I'm not sure that ability/item mods would interact with anything that could mess this up.


Any help?

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Hello Seroster,


Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue.  The team did their investigation and the Narrative team implemented a fix that is currently being verified to make sure that it will work and that it won't break anything else as a result of the changes.  We are hoping to have this fix out as soon as possible to get everyone back on track.  It is probably good that you are on the Beta branch as fixes will be coming out there before going out onto the Default branch, so keep an eye in the Beta Patch forum for patch notes.


Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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