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Build/Guide for Pillars 1 pre-white march?

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Hi, I'm 100% new to pillars and I'm looking for a build/guide to help me out. I was following some from the link below to find out some abilities, talents and or items are through the purchase of white march 1 or 2. I however due to these lovely doc fee's cannot afford the expansion pass for another 5 days lol. Anyone have a build they know of pre-white march? Or should I just hold off until then? Thanks in advance :)
Ones I was originally looking at https://forums.obsid...fied-11-nov-18/
I can pretty much do any playstyle, melee, tank, caster, bows I can't say I really got a preference cause I'm the type that's pretty much down with anything lol. In that link I was looking at that cauterizer build for barbarian and started my barb only to hit level 2 just to realize the very first talent requires WM1 :) So yea any build that doesn't require anything level 1-12 from either WM1 or WM2 would be great.



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If you're drawn to a barbarian, I would just play Cauterizer without the WM talents, and then respec when you get them. The build doesn't really work without Blood Thirst, but you can still have fun with a 2H firebrand wielding Barbarian until you get the expansions.


If you would rather play a build that doesn't rely at all on WM content, I'd recommend a caster like Priest, Druid, or Wizard. They are strong without relying on WM talents. You can get a feel for what combinations and spells are particularly effective by looking through the builds. 

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