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conversation/stringtable code questions

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Hello! I've never made a mod before and am currently dipping my toes in and trying to learn what I can about modding Deadfire. I've been browsing through the stringtable files and the conversation files, and kind of learning as I go. I'm learning how to correlate stringtables with nodes in the conversation files. But there's still a lot I don't know. So my questions are...


What do the different phrases in the code mean? I've figured out NodeID and PlayQuestionNodeVO but...

What does "PointsToGhost" mean? What does "RandomWeight" mean? And any others you think I should know...


For now I want to test editing existing companion conversations, but my end goal is adding new conversations/dialogue options with companions.


If this is too broad a question I'm sorry! Like I said, I'm entirely new to this.


Thanks so much!



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You're looking in the wrong directory


If you could be more specific I need the character you wanna play with


It's complicated to find the right one and you're looking in the wrong dir (you want exported/design/conversations/<somewhere> ties to /design/local/local/<somewhere>


Yeah - I researched this a lot...


The sound tracks are in the gamedatabundle files pointed to by localised/design/gamedata/charaters.gamadatabundle


I could write a lot on this - just go read my stickies, it explains everything (ish)




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Yeah, we haven't put together any documentation on the conversation format like we have for the game data formats yet.  For now I can tell you:

  • If PointsToGhost is true, it means that the link is linking back to a previous node, usually a hub node. For example, if you ask a question and the NPC gives an answer and then returns you to a question hub, the link back to the hub should have PointsToGhost. This is used by the code that marks responses as used up (darker color)
  • RandomWeight is a weight used to randomize between links out of a particular node, in the cases where there are multiple valid links at once.

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