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Is there a mod out there that just lets me take 'No Companion'? I actively do NOT want a companion. I don't want him in the back of the party, or set to defend self only.... Just not THERE. I feel like the dang things are a punishment because of Bonded Grief, and I don't want to be wasting Bond keeping it alive that I could instead be using on damage... And if I go Arcane Archer, I REALLY don't want it around costing Bond and getting hit with my spell shots.


The closest I'm finding is this:



Which has 'No Companion', but doesn't actually... Function properly with Arcane Archer. It also adds other tweaks, which I don't specifically mind but also don't really want.


I know basically nothing about modding... So if anyone can link me a tutorial on how to rip the 'No Companion' part of that mod out and just use that, I'll try that.

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Oh thank god that one actually works with Arcane Archer. Thank you, kind sir... Now I can finally enjoy the Ranger class without the malus that is an Animal Companion.

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