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Making a mod, need some help

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I'm making a simple mod to allow a cipher to target themselves with their own abilities (I like to play solo, and losing some of my best abilities because i don't have an ally to cast them on was annoying), but I've run into a bit of a snag, amplified thrust doesn't appear to do anything when the cipher hits themselves with it.


Amplified thrust is split into three sections in the attacks.gamedatabundle Amplified_Thrust_AllyTarget, Amplified_Thrust_Hostile, and Amplified_Thrust_Ranged, I've only made changes to AllyTarget (changing the targeting parameters from allynotself to ally) so i figure the problem must be with one of the other two (Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Amplified_Thrust_Ranged has a NotSelf targeting parameter?)


Any advice or instruction would be appreciated!



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If i understood correctly the game will first check the Ranged parameters so you have to change this one either to "Ally" or "All" (which would include hostile targeting). ;)



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There was a mod for this already on the Nexus, but it's hidden now because 4.0 stopped it from working evidently. Good chance the author is planning to fix it though.

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