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PotD Solo Rogue - Ultimate achievement doable?

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I am running PotD Solo Rogue. My stats are Con 7, Might 7 and the rest are 16. I put most of my points into stealth and mechanics.


Currently I have completed White March and White March 2, and in theory, if I head straight to the end game now, I will have all 4 crown achievements.


But I am wondering if I can pull off the ultimate achievement. So far I have completed all bounties and defeated the first archmage Concelhaut. I would still need to kill Adra Dragon, Sky Dragon and the second archmage with her two Bog Dragons. Can it be done with stats like this? Are there any specific talents that will help with these fights? I have plenty of coins, so it won't be a problem to retrain the character.


Also, I have some outstanding quests - Stalwart Mines (got to the final fight with the giant spore, not sure how to tackle it all alone with my rogue), Nesta quest, Bleak Walkers quest, Blood Sands druid (if I want to get Berath's blessing). If I didn't complete those, would I still get the achievement?

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If you have Trial of Iron active then you should. Quests in general don't matter.


The only criteria is:


Complete the White March and Pillars of Eternity, defeat all dragons, all bounties, and both archmages on Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned modes without taking any companions after Cilant Lîs

There were Rogues that already did this achievement - and since stats don't matter that much I can't see why you couldn't do it as well. Dragons can be charmed rel. easily by Rogue who uses Munacra Arret by the way. Buys you plenty of time during dragon fights and gets rid of some adds. Edited by Boeroer

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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