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If your ability is giving you a hard time and it's not even reacting to the ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent effects you made, well if you just need to clear the effect, then you can simply use the Trigger section.  Make it TriggerOnEvent for the event you want, then give it a max trigger of 1 and clear the effect when the trigger occurs.


"TriggerOnEvent": "OnPostAttackRollCalculated"
"ValidateWithAttackFilter": "true",
"MaxTriggerCount": 1,
"RemoveEffectAtMax": "true",


The above is the only way I know to get my ranged attack bonus to remove after putting on a OneHitUse status effect.  The problem started when I couldn't use OneHitUse in combination with a FullAttack ability component.  Why?  Because I needed to slow the attack itself, which should work but does not.  I know, I know that there are many FullAttack abilities that use OneHitUse status effects without any issue.  I made a bow attack with a slow attack speed and let me tell you that there were problems in every possible way you could imagine.  Maybe it's because it's ranged, who knows.



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