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[] Bugs & Irregularities list


As per my previous topics, I have noted down a few things (including bugs and simply seeming irregularities) that I will note of my current playthrough.

I will expand this list as I get further in the playthrough - unfortunately this will go slower than the first time, due to time constraints.


* Enoi [irregularity]
Clever answer to Enoi saying the Gods did not send me does not yield a bonus reputation point with Pallegina, despite her dislike of worship.
* Whispers of the Endless Paths  [No Bug, Highly likely intentional - just feels odd to me]
Super low base damage (9-15 instead of for a normal greatsword 18-24 and even lower than a longsword (like whispers of Yenwood) despite being two-handed)
* Lethandria's Devotion (see attached picture LDissue)
Causes clothing/hair etc to match (for certain parts) the color of the shield. Only shield I found to do this. I know it is supposedly made of glass, but it skips the top end of the cloaks but does seem to effect short hair.
* Amount of Resources visible through several screens (See Error pictures)




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You might want to put this one forum-layer higher since is not in the beta branch.


Ah, my apologies. My previous reports were on beta patches. I went a little automatic pilot apparently.

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