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The Forgotten Sanctum DLC not triggering



So I installed the DLC as soon as it arrived yesterday, sailed around a bit (I'm at 20th level), got  a scripted interaction about a giant earthquake, received a letter about the Critter Crusher (or whatever it's called!), and then...nothing. Sailed around some more, sailed to The Black Isles (which is now covered in tentacles that yield kith meat when harvested), entered the Hall of the Unseen, found my way to the centre, and everything is the same as it was.


I tried restarting Steam, and that didn't work. Then I tried unticking The Forgotten Sanctum box, restarting Steam, ticking the box, waiting for it to download, and opening the game. The DLC buttons in the bottom left corner of the main menu said The Forgotten Sanctum was installed, I loaded my save and...nothing. Then I tried loading an earlier save and had exactly the same problem as earlier.


This morning, I tried again - unticked *all* DLC boxes, waited for them to turn grey, ticked them all again, restarted Steam, waited for them to all turn white, launched the game, and...same experience again.


The fact that I appear to be getting some but not of the DLC content has led me to believe that my problem is not the same as this one, where the DLC isn't installing for Season Pass users. I think mine is a different bug where the scripted interaction with Llengrath never triggers.


I have attached my savegame in case it's useful for debugging.


Wulfrun (8ebba82c-325c-493a-856a-ced1f38c4444) autosave_2.savegame.zip

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wrong forum, this is about PoE I



So pressing tab at the centre of the hall of the unseen you didn't see a staircase? That's how you enter the DLC area. From dialogue with the characters I found I think you can also go talk to Arkemyr about it


No staircase that I can see. Just went to talk to Arkemyr as well, and he didn't have anything new to say,

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