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I'm so confused about experience share and party. I wanted to make custom party so I hired bunch of characters. Then I made some mistakes with the builds and realized I can't reroll their class. So I made new classes and realized I can only have specifc number of characters total (party + tavern). And that they affect experience just by existing in the tavern. Then, I noticed I can't remove them without killing them, same goes with companions.


It's like everything  went wrong right away even though I just wanted to try things out.


But I still don't fully understand how xp is shared.


What is total quest experience?


I made some tests to figure out if I had broken something but they didn't reveal everything. The test quest was mother's plea.


So I had full team and 3 dudes in the tavern. Finishing quest gave 940 team xp and total xp was 2340.


Then I killed everyone via console except my main char and his friend which I didn't manage to kill for some reason via console. And result was

256 team xp and 639 total xp. But what is this total xp? So who got the total xp, if there was nobody to receive it.


As review, I must say that xp sharing and companion management is really confusing.

Asking story companions to follow you sticks them to you and you mostly can't tell them to leave.

I can remove that priest dude permanently via dialog, but not for example Eder, Aloth and Kana. I can't delete hired characters at all without killing them.

For what do you linger here?

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The “total quest XP” message shows you how much XP you got in total over the whole quest, not how much you are getting right then. It only shows when you complete a task or quest, not when you compete part of a quest.


For a 6 man party the xp gained shown is split over the 6 members. If you have fewer characters the xp you get is proprtionally scaled down (with one exception), so you get less XP overall but it is split over fewer party members, such that each member gets roughly the same as they would have got if they were part of a 6 man team.


The one exception is that you get 10% bonus XP for each party member below the max of 6 you have. So a 5 man party gets a 10% XP boost. Solo gets 50% XP boost. So a smaller party will advance levels somewhere from marginally faster (5 man team) to noticeably faster (duo or solo) compared to a full party.


TL/DR: stop worrying about XP or trying to game it. The game is balanced to give you a fair advancement rate however many characters you run with.

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Ah thanks, well I looked into it more and seems that not much xp is being lost.


I was just worried because I'm playing on hard, went to level 7 of the stronghold cave when my main char was level 5 and rest level 4. It was pretty unpleasant experience so I thought I've missed a lot of xp. But it seems that the dungeon just gets harder as you go down and my chars were just low level lol. I didn't realize that until my mechanics skills wasn't good enough to disarm the traps there.

For what do you linger here?

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