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[4.0] Debonaire's Hit-to-Crit conversion behaves weirdly





I did a quick Debonaire/Wizard test and brough a Cipher as well for charming.


Everything works as advertised as long as I have Dirty Fighting. Then all charmed enemies (no matter who charmed them) receive crits from me (if I hit in the first place). But the combat log seldomly states [Debonaire] as reason for the conversion - but nearly always says [Dirty Fighting]. Especially with weapon attacks it always says [Dirty Fighting]. With spells I see [Debonaire] every now an then. This can't be because Dirty Fighting only has a 10% chance to trigger. 


If I have no other source of conversion chance then the Debonaire conversion doesn't seem to work at all. Combat log says "[]" sometimes.  


Could you investigate?


Also since people find the Debonaire quite underwhelming so far you might consider to add "dominated" to the qualifiers for the crit conversion. So far it only works on charmed enemies. Maybe that's not too powerful? 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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This information does not apply to Technical Support.

It's very specific subclass... Somewhere I wrote the idea that I would like to see a new subclass of a Rogue not related to the pirates thematic...

However, looking at Debonaire, I am ready to take back my words.

I think that any other simpler subclass with bonuses typical for a 'Classical Rogues' would be more interesting.

Maybe that only Ydwin with Cipher/Rogue combination is suitable for this subclass? Only on this character seems it to harmonious.

For my next adventure, I will most likely use a Assassin or Streetfighter subclasses for main-character.


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