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Problem with graphics


I have a problem

I came to Nekkek for the first time and the map looks like the attached screenshots.


I was loading saves, turned off and turned on the game. I've reset my computer. Nothing helps.


Please help


(sorry for my english :) )



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Hello Bartix,


I'm sorry your map seems to have turned into some kind of puzzle by the look of it.  Would you be able to first try what Daled recommended as that tends to fix most corrupted or missing file issues.  If that doesn't help, I'd recommend making sure your game, graphics drivers, and operating system are all up to date.  If none of that fixes the issue for you, then if you could reproduce the issue and send us a copy of your output_log.txt as well as a save in Queen's Berth where this is occurring, that would be great!


Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.


P.S. Your English is great :)

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