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[4.0 Beta] Dialog option with Edér in Vilario's Rest disappears

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1. Load the attached save.

2. Talk to Edér. If I picked the right save, this will be in Vilario's Rest next to the campfire and it'll be the first time initiating a conversation with Edér.

3. Observe that you can ask him three questions besides quitting the conversation; one of them is whether he likes the Deadfire.

4. Ask one of the other questions (not the Deadfire one.)

5. Once you exhaust that line of questioning and get back to the original dialog node, observe the option to inquire about the Deadfire is no longer present.



I believe the ability to ask about the Deadfire should not disappear if you pursue a different line of questioning first.



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I think I've had this issue even before the 4.0 beta patch.



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Hello AndreaColombo,


Thank you for calling this out to us. We're currently investigating the issue and hopefully will have a fix for it in one of the upcoming patches. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Also to Handsomenat's point, I do believe this issue is not exclusive to the beta patch.



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