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A near PERFECT game...Poor narrative...POE 3 please!

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So being a musician and knowing that I have a II-V-I or a minor II-V-I available where I can induce further modulations via a tritone substitution or mutate the scale from which the V chord has been derived, into a myxolydian or myxo b6 or a Phrygian dominant or a Whole Tone scale or Altered or what not, DOESN'T mean that I just blindly indulge and apply all the music theory I know...the PLOT in itself was pretty simple ( and uninspiring and boring to be honest ) and was made worse by what I felt was overindulgence and use of too much brains and too little heart/soul/spirit...NOW ofcourse I am wrong 'cause I don't know the first thing about writing a plot ( respect and apologies to the narrative team )... But so many months later, I just cannot find any reason to spend anymore time with this beautiful game and finish it. Time to uninstall and move on I guess....but all said and done, this is by far the some of the best graphics and art I've seen in a video game. And all the systems and mechanics are so 'in the zone'. Its absolutely amazing what Obsidian has achieved with the budget they had. It remains my lifelong dream to work and contribute to your games if in any way possible...for free or for very little money...I know I'll never be good enough but........'I LOVE YOU OBSIDIAN'!!!!!

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Yar! Being a piratical is wonderful. The game has one or two flaws (Pallegina and vailians, those ... annoying things), but otherwise is a wonderful game. Almost as good as Dragon Age Origins, which they also paid homage to by including blood magic.


I totally agree with the rest of your post. I just wish I knew what it said.

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Nerf Troubadour!

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