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Hello everyone,


This is my first post here and I'm very new at the game. English is not my native language so I apologize at the same time I want to thank you for your patience and for allowing me to practice my (meh) writing.


I just bought PoE I and II (without any dlc) and the game impacted me with the dinamic and complex (for me) mechanics.


I am a simple guy and I want to know wich class/builds would you indicate to me as I start to dive into the game, wich I played just a few minutes with some of the class options. I know I'll have companions during the story and each of them already have a class, so I would try to kind of to fill a gap in terms not only of combat but the gameplay in general. Like the skills that we need to make good shortrests and desarming traps, finding items, etc etc. (Even knowing that I can't do EVERYTHING too well)


Then I noticed that Rogue, Barbarian and Monk companions are only found in the White March dlc, wich I don't have. Yet.


And through the forum I found this beauty here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89073-class-build-don-juan-dedicated-trapsecret-finder-a-more-laidback-passive-rogue/[CLASS BUILD] Don Juan - Dedicated Trap/Secret Finder - A More Laidback & Passive Rogue


I like this idea, lore-wise and mechanic-wise, sounds very fun and I'm going to start to play tomorrow after work.


Do you have any advice for me, being my first playing the game? Should I consider other builds to make my party stronger but in a way that is not too hardcore?



I am eager to talk to you.


Ps: If I can make my question any more clear, please feel free to tell me.

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One thing is you dont have to talk with gold plated NCPs , they are backer content. The game was designed with 'no bad build principle' and you could make almost any combination of classes and attributes work. So i would recommend going with a concept and class and just have fun. You should be fine.


Something to learn for combat is to identify the types of defenses you have to penetrate for your skills/spells/attacks to be effective and learn how to debuff and or crowd control the enemy. Conversely, understanding what the enemy is debuffing and crowd controlling you with and how to counter those affects. Just straight going for damage and more damage will hurt you sometimes and prolong fights or get you beat more than you need to. There is a beginners guide in the build forum that explains a lot of the mechanics.

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Thanks to you I'm more confident in just playing and not reading every gold plated NPC box.


The Don Juan build is very fun and I'm getting familiar to the game as I play easir than I thought.


good to hear. For beginners i do find priest to be very helpful because they have all the spells that counter enemy CC and debuffs and they have great party buffs. 

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