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Map Transition Unable to Load Sending me Back to the Main Menu



Hey guys,


I know this issue has been reported but I will report mine as well.  I realize that there is many variables with this specific issue so I am attaching my ouput log right after the error and the saved game.  I placed the saved game in a ZIP folder as I was not allowed to attach it in its original form.  One thing that is seems to be related to is the Trickster class.  When I create the mercenary in the Kraken's Eye he does not have his trickster illusion spells on the abilities sheet, they should show on each power level all the way to the left.  I am going to create another mercenary and see what happens.  I will update.


Update:  Created a Sorcerer same thing happened so thats not it.  This is an ironman run...good thing it was early in the run but I think I will hold off on ironman if this cant get fixed..I have played hundreds of hours but this is a first for me.


update update: seems to be something with the Krakens Eye, and Thorels quest.  I can exit the pub but if i try to go back in or go upstairs I get the error.


Update Update Update:  I transitions all over Port Maje just fine except in the Krakens Eye.  I was able to get back into the pub by going from the overland map and selecting to go directly into the pub but once in there, I go upstairs to finish Thorels quest, kick the guy out, try and come down and get the same error.  Has to be something with that quest.  I have always done it with no errors up until this point.


Neskaros (3a1be026-1582-4ce9-9b6c-9efba27a7ac8) (LAX-12ABCDEF) trialofiron.zip

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Hello Torm,


I'm sorry you got a map load error during your playthrough.  Many of these have been fixed for the next patch, but I'm going to give the materials you provided and send it to the programmer in charge of fixing these to be sure that this one is also taken care of.  If you notice any other situations like these, especially after the 4.0 patch, please let us know.


Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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This will be fixed in v4.0.0.0016 (this may not be the first 4.0 beta version).  You can work around it by saving and quitting in any scene other than the first floor of the Kraken's Eye, then reloading.  It's linked to loading a save in that particular scene.

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