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Party Loading in Reverse, switching formation



So this is something I've noticed in my game.  Whenever the game takes away my party and re-loads it, the party members taken away are re-loaded in REVERSE order.

For example, my party is (in order) 1. PC Wizard 2. Eder 3. Xoti  4.Pallegina 5.Aloth.  I have the formation set so that Eder and Pallegina are in the front line, with the others behind. 

Now, here's what just happened in my game.  I stumbled upon the Rekke encounter, where you are placed on your deck with your party and you have the conversation with Rekke.  After the conversation ends, you are re-deposited on your deck to roam about the ship.

Now, I leave the deck to go back to the world map and set sail for my destination.  I notice my party is out of order.  1. PC 2. Aloth 3. Pallegina 4. Xoti 5. Eder.  Mid-voyage I get attacked by pirates and decide to just fight them on deck rather than play the ship battle mini-game.

As soon as the battle begins, I see Aloth up in the front line along side Xoti, where Eder and Pallegina should be, and with Eder and Pallegina in the back line.  The enemy charges across the ship before I have a chance to flip my formation and Xoti and Aloth drop almost immediately.

This "Reverse the Formation" bug happens any time the game takes away my party and re-loads them.  It also happens in Inns.  If I take away 3 party members and re-load them, they will be re-loaded in reverse order.

It is tremendously irritating, and game-breaking for ship encounters where there is no chance to flip the formation.

If you can't fix the reverse order bug, please at least allow us to arrange our party members from the world map.  


I had to re-load a save and avoid the whole encounter so that Xoti and Aloth didn't get one-shotted by enemy NPC fighters and barbarians.

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Hello Sayne,


I'm sorry that this is occurring for you.  I'll have the team investigate this so they can see about getting a fix.  Would you be able to help us by providing your current save file where this is occurring so they can use it during their investigation?  If needed, you can find instructions on where to find the save here.  If you could either attach the save here or send it to me at support@obsidian.net along with your forum user name and a link to this thread, that would be amazing!


Thank you Sayne, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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