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Not sure what i'm doing wrong with this quest? Previous playthrough i can lie to Orron. He and his crew will leave and that can make enough room for 6 for Biha. Not sure if it's a bug, now after lying to Orron, he will just go downstairs and they back up again. And there's no way to make room for all of the children unless you pay Orron.

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The key is seduzo, you need to ask her about oron, and exhaust the dialog option to take all bihas childs first, then go upstairs talk to oron.

Already did that. When trying talking to orron I have the option to lie. I've completed this quest before in previous playthru. He and his crew will leave after lying. But this time only orron go down. When following him downstairs, he return back up after going down. So I'm not sure this is a bug or not. The other option is paying him 1000 gold for him to leave (with diplomacy)

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