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Fampyr the Epic Level Monster.

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OK, I met Fampyrs. They used not only Citzal's Enchanted Armory & Minoletta's Piercing Sigil but also Panther's Leap (or, might be Leap). Player's Multiclasses cannot access higher than PL 7 abilities, but Fampyr did. WTF?... They must be an Epic Level Monster in the game, which is even stronger than Dragons. My party defeated two beasts, A corpse dragon and cow, in Harbinger's Watch very easily, but the groups of Fampyrs were so much horrible; I've even felt each Fampyr was even stronger than one of the beast, honestly, because the Minoletta's Piercing Sigil kept remaining about 1 min and retaliated forever. 


I assume they have higher than Level 25? Using PL 8~9 with multiclassing is so much annoying for me. Is that even acceptable in aspect of rule-based game? I think Dragons and some other bosses are fine because they are not Kith and so can have stronger power naturally, but Fampyr is a Kith, isn't it?

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