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Male charcters not displaying armor/armor colors correctly!

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All of the pirate uniforms, hand and key armor and several other armors will display correctly on females when equipped but do not on male characters.


Can someone help me find the root of this issue - Some capes also won't adopt any color changes at all...


I checked the "hd" folder in PoE and saw, for example that the texture for hand and key (m_bp02_boots_v02_c_hd.unity3d) was dark red, different from almost all others that do inherit color changes (they looked like an off-white/grey color) .

And that red shows that way in-game. I want this to not show red, but inherit the colors i choose for my character in-game.


For females color changes do work, strangely enough and the pirate uniforms are correct as well. There is no similar file equivilent ("f_bp02_boots_v02_c_hd.unity3d" like the above file) for female in the "hd" folder.

Any color female characters have will show up on armor correctly, as will the correct patterns on armor, etc.


Like I said, there is a long list of capes and armor that refuse to show color changes correctly. 


I deleted all of the corresponding files associated with the hand and key armor for males thinking it would mimic the female hand and key armor but it did nothing...as if deleting the files had no effect at all? Are they even used? They must be.


Any help from seasoned modder or a programmer would be greatly appreciated. Just point me in the proper direction is all I ask.


I don't want to simply change to a new color so much as I want any color chosen to change according to color selections in-game.


As a last resort I could edit the colors individually and re-import them into the unity.3d file but I'm looking for a more complete solution for all characters.


Some help on this please. I bought the Champion Edition from GOG -

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