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[3.1][Bug] Multiple/infinite Modwyr can be obtained


In v3.1, you can get multiple or even infinite Modwy.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Soulbound it and upgrade to stage 3 (completed 1500 damage to kith).

2. Talk to Modwy. Have Xoti in party and talk to its former owner.

3. Let Xoti release Modwy's soul from the sword. You get one non-soulbound/non-talking unique superb sword. This is expected, but the original Modwy equipped will NOT disappear.

4.  Leave and re-enter this area a few days later.

5. I found the former owner walked toward the left-top corner of the map. I talked to her again without having Xoti in party.

6. I decided to keep Modwy and I got one non-soulbound/talking unique superb sword. The original one on my hand still didn't disappear.

The message popped out tells me that the Modwy is soulbound (to anyone). So, it is strange that mine is non-soulbound.

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Hey Rusio!


Thank you for letting us know about this!  I've put a bug report together and sent it to the QA and Area Design teams to investigate.  If you discover anything else about the Modwyr bug, please continue to post it here as I will be linking this thread to the bug report as a reference for the devs.


Thanks again for the help Rusio!

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