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[Mod Request] Conjurer Buff

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While it's true that Wizard subclasses generally aren't that great to begin with (except for Evoker), some subclasses get shafted harder than others.


Take the Conjurer, for example, whose special ability is a PL1 spell with a limited (though long) duration that RANDOMLY summons one of 6 familiars. Not only do you lose out on a cast of Chill Fog or Slicken, but you can't even choose the familiar you want, and during long fights it will go away!


I would like to request a mod that does the following two things for the conjurer:

  1. Makes the familiar summoned last until either combat ends or it is killed.
  2. Makes it so that you can choose which familiar you would like to summon instead of leaving it up to random chance.

I realize that item #2 may require some additional GUI boxes, which may not be possible, or may require removing the flexibility of choosing a summoned creature in favor of picking one at character creation. If possible, I would like to retain the choice of familiars, but that can be dropped.




EDIT: just saw the request form. Thanks.

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Give it multiple uses per combat (or even unlimited uses) may help if 2 is not possible and if just one familiar can be active at a time


Maybe even make it *gasp* not take up a Level 1 spell slot? Probably not possible to do that, though.


On another note, it would be cool if they could make it so the Beckoner buff applies to ALL summon spells, not just invocations. I wonder how that would work with the "Conjure Familiar" spell... would you get twice the bonuses? (yes, I've also requested a mod that makes the Beckoner buffs and debuffs apply to all summon spells).

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