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Is Constitution even useful for Tanker?

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I'm making 4 custom companions for my first PoTD playthough, and giving them their own roles now. I just wonder whether Constitution, including Resolve, is even useful for Tanker, because I've felt that the stats are generally considered as the worst stats and every templates drop both of stats while doing solo playing. 


Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Resolve and constitution are generally expendable except for tank builds. If you're looking for a classic engagement/damage soak, you'll want high resolve and reasonable constitution, probably a fighter or fighter/multi, plus the "tough" passive and decent athletics. If you're looking for more of an off-tank, then you can probably stick to average resolve, but I wouldn't dump it into the ground unless you're making a striker, caster, or ranged DPS. There's also Will and Fortitude to think about.

Of course there are exceptions and I'm sure there are some tank builds out there with 3 RES or something (maybe a monk with turning wheel and enduring dance that just spams blade turning over and over), but for a standard sword-and-board build I'd recommend 16 RES, 14 CON, and the rest whatever. 

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