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Is there such a utility to view icons?


I'm trying to find icons that would match up with my custom abilities but aside from textually searching /gui/ paths, guessing, and starting the game (or reloadmods) to see if the icon I choose is "like enough" (makes sense) to what my ability does I can't find a way to do this easily.


Edit: I am aware of making my own icons. Not interested in that unless absolutely necessary. Rather just use a pre-existing icon. There's plenty just so hard to find what I want/need.

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You can preview ability trees for your party members' classes in-game or on the wiki, I don't know how else you'd go avout viewing ability icons


Yeah I went through every single ability tree on the character creator but the problem is I don't really need an ability icon that represents a, how shall I say this, a beneficial ability or a passive that provides something positive to the character but instead an icon that represents a detriment to the character and causes penalty. I've been trying all the affliction icons / keyword related hindrance and penalty icons manually one by one. I just need a way to find where these icons are *packaged* up inside *some file somewhere* and extract them as the png [they are] so I can use a graphics editor to peruse.

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Many icons are stored in the gui.unity3d bundle in the assetbundles folder. With Assetstudio you can view and extract them.


Wow this program is great! Thanks.


Still can't find a single ability icon inside gui.unity3d file but it sure is neat and so much stuff in there. Went through the whole thing 10 times now. Some funny [unused] pictures in there too.


So if anyone knows where these icons are kept I'd really like to know I searched for "class_fighter" in every unity3d bundle but couldn't find it.

      "$type": "Game.GameData.GenericAbilityGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
      "DebugName": "Devoted",
      "ID": "32ada064-87d0-4716-83fd-8c31a30241e5",
      "Components": [
          "$type": "Game.GameData.GenericAbilityComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
          "KeywordsIDs": [],
          "DisplayName": 2262,
          "Description": 3730,
          "UpgradeDescriptions": [
              "String": 2263
          "UpgradedFromID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
          "Vocalization": "NoVocalization",
          "Icon": "gui/icons/abilities/talents/class_fighter.png",
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I don't think you can find the icons in the asset bundle, tried back in the day but they aren't there as single objects because like the icon tutorial says the icons are used through an atlas, so you should search it instead.

I didn't find it, maybe isn't in the asset bundles or that program can't list/find that type.


I think there's a txt list of the referenced icons you can find in the *.gamedatabundle done by peardox in some thread.


Anyway BMac released the icons of poe1, many icons are similar if you need them.

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