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Missing: Amulet of the Colossal Fists



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Random question.


Purchased Amulet of the Colossal Fists from within the store (6600gold). It has never shown up in my unclaimed tab, or on my chars.

Is there something I am not doing or has this bugged out?


Platform: Steam

Not sure. Usually these cards appear in the Unclaimed tab, where you can use them at once. Otherwise you have to encounter them during gameplay and try to acquire these cards. That is, if they are unlocked. Each buy of the 'enhancement cards' unlocks the specific card, adds 1 to their amount in the Collection and adds the card to the Unclaimed tab. However, I have 6 Blessings of Achaekek in my Unclaimed tab and only 5 cards in the Collection. So there is something fishy.


Please check your Collection, Items of the particular adventure (was it 5 or 6?) and it should be there, unlocked. If not, contact Obsidian support on their e-mail and explain the situation.

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