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Hair position too far up on Moon Godlike



I made a custom companion Moon Godlike with Orlan heritage (could be related due to the smaller scale maybe?), and every time I load my save the hair looks like it's floating above her head. The hair will jump to the correct position when I unequip and re-equip any item. It seems the head is too small and when equipping an item it will snap to the correct scale.




(I tried attaching the savegame but the forum tells me I'm not allowed to upload that kind of file...)

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Hey Dib,


Thank you for reporting this!  I put a bug report together and sent it to the QA and Character Art teams, but I would love that save file in case they can't reproduce the issue.  The forums can definitely be finicky with attachments, but if you could send the save to me at support@obsidian.net along with your forum name and a link to this thread as a reference, I would appreciate it.


Thanks again and sorry for the graphical issue.

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