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Possible armor bug?



How do you take screenshot?


Aloth with Irisdescent scale in character sheet shows:


Base:  7

Superb: +3


However during fights with xaurip plaguestriker, the armor penetration shows 14 vs 7 (Aloth's armor). What gives?


When you press shift on the attack rolls it shows:


+5 Irisdescent scale

+3 Superb

- 1 Flank

= 7


This is penetration of the xaurip which is fine. I understand how it's calculated:


8 Base

+2 Strike the belll

+2 Exceptional

+2 Path of the Damned

= 14


But you can clearly see there's something wrong with the base armor of Irisdescent scale?

Just wondering if this a bug or there's something i'm not aware of?


Thanks for any insights.

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